Set za popravku šoferke/stakla visabella usa


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  • Model - Set za popravku šoferke/stakla visabella usa

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Set za popravku šoferšajbne/stakla visabell usa.
cena:1990 rsd/set.
Jednostavno možete popraviti oštećenje sami na šoferci,prozoru bez odlaska kod majstora za svega 30-50 minuta.
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Visbella DIY Windshield Repair Kit is a handy tool to help you repair your car’s broken windshield in just 30-50 minutes. This kit will minimize the appearance of chips and cracks in your windshield and help to prevent them from spreading further. It works by removing air from the break and then fills it with durable resin, making the area even stronger than before. You can achieve easy and quick, professional quality repairs at a fraction of the cost.
Features & Benefits
Performs a clear and permanent repair
Resin solution evenly fills small breaks, cracks, and chips to prevent spreading
Saves costs on potentially more expensive, full windshield replacements
Minimizes the cosmetic blemish of a break or chip to make the windshield look brand new
Easy-to-use kit takes only 30 minutes to use
Works on
Small breaks, cracks, and chips on windshields and windows-

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